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Welcome To My Home Page ....
    Having traveled around the United States and Europe when I was younger I was bitten by the travel and photography bug. I remember some one giving me a small black box camera and I would photograph what I saw around me, most of these pictures have long been lost. My wife "Joy" and I both share the love of travel and photography. We spend most of our time trying to capture on film what we experience while traveling, and the beautiful island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands where we lived for 18 years. We travel frequently to Thailand from were Joy is from. Having traveled to Hong Kong, Thailand, the Persian Gulf, Montana and Australia in the last few years.

My Mission is to Help Pass on Knowledge Learned and to Excite Photographic Vision




I have been putting pictures taken with and pictures of the cameras that I'm rebuilding and will be selling on this site use the link below.

Pictures Taken With

The link below now works.

Just a few of the Cameras for sale, click on the link below or contact me. http://shop.auctionwatch.com/richertd

   I started buying and fixing older Medium Format cameras to use in a Beginning and Intermediate Black & White class that I teach in Hawaii. I have found that many of these cameras have been sitting in someone's closet for years waiting to come out and play. They are also very capable of superb pictures surpassing the tonal range of 35mm and with modern film are easy and a joy to use with very modest cost.


New pages added:

Art Fair Prints You meet Joy and myself at a local Art Fair in Hawaii. If you enjoyed our work and would like to purchase a print for your home or office.  Art Fair Color Prints I am slowly increasing our inventory of online prints.


A few Black and White with more to come Art Fair Prints


Google my site  Just type in a word

WWW http://DavidRichert.com

When I sell cameras I take pictures to place  with my  auction descriptions. After a year I noticed I have a nice collection of pictures of different models. I sometimes show different lens shutter combinations now these could be set at the factory or modified at a later date. I am just showing them as I have received them. At a later date I would like to do some write ups on the different models but for now just pictures.....I'm a photographer not a writer.

ZEISS MODELS  over 25 models listed


Contact Information


I removed my home phone and only carry a cell phone. Please use email as I check it three times a day.

Postal address

10795 W Roanoke Ave

           Avondale Arizona 85392


Electronic mail

General Information: DSRichert@gmail.com

Sales: http://shop.auctionwatch.com/richertd

Webmaster: DSRichert@gmail.com


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