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This started with a call by CE Nelson on the Classic Cameras (pre-1970) Forum to send a camera around the "Lower 48" I talked him into Hawaii and Alaska as we also have mail service. Dean Williams has a nice write up along with pictures at Ansco Shur Flash.

This is the Ansco Shur-Flash after spending a few day's at a health spa in Hawaii. Fifty years of grim was removed and a little buffing was done now I'm ready to head north to Alaska.





Front of the Shur-Flash. I took the camera apart and cleaned the lens, inside along with a little buffing and shining. Turned out almost like new not bad for a 50+ camera. I tested the shutter 1/45 of a second I think f/16 but not sure would like to find a manual with more information.
Lift side
Right side and Viewfinder I did not take this apart just cleaned the out side surfaces.
Back with latch on the top and "Red" window, the Viewfinder on the right side.
Top with handle with the winder shown.
Bottom hinge.
Camera latch
Film winder
Pull the Film Winder out to remove Film "Cone"
With the "Cone" out
I marked the "Cone" to show which one the empty goes on.
Bottom that is where the Film goes. Paper backing facing out
Pull the backing paper up and around the "Cone". Insert the paper backing into the empty spool.
Tighten the film onto the roll. Some find it easier to remove the spool and wind the paper until tight.
The film is loaded onto the "Cone"
Put the "Cone" into the camera
Push while turning the film winder.
Turn the winder to make sure all is working stop at the line (this line is used in more modern camera not "Box's")
Close the back
Wind slowly and watch the window
slow down
Stop at the first frame.
Fire the shutter.
Wind to the next frame.
Only 8 frames of 6x9 pictures. Look at the window and wind all the film onto the empty now the take up spool.
Pull out the winder knob.
This is what the take up spool looks like with the exposed pictures on it. Fold over the flap and lick and seal the roll of film
Remove the film
Insert a new empty spool so your ready to reload.
Pictures taken the last week of April 2004, Ilford Pan F+, developed in Microdol-X 1:3, 68 degrees  split development 11 min each. Scanned -Auto Level Adjust, Sharpened

"Birthing Stones" Central Oahu, Hawaii

Got on the Ground to get one of the "Birthing Stones" from the ground up. The wind was blowing and the grass was moving in the foreground.
Pineapple field ready for planting
North Shore Beach
Memorial for a local Surf Photographer
Life Guard on the "North Shore"
My wife "Joy" with our Ford Escape
China Man's Hat Island
Byodo-In Temple is a replica of a 900 year old temple in Uji Japan, near Kyoto located in the Valley of the Temple.
Reminds me of why I'm a photographer.....I can't draw


It was getting to be around noon and very bright I had to adjust these last three just to see. The last image is to dark and I did not post I'll try "wet" printing at a later time

All in all I was impressed with the shots and like how the film loads into the camera. Early morning or late afternoon would be best (as with all good images). Would be interesting what other film will do in this camera. Good luck to all the others  



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